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Fuckin Incredible x Ghost OG Kush

Great indoors or out vigorous growth with great production and loud as hell Stone, gonna rip ya where ya need rippin...

Our Best Strains

Catpiss x Ghost og x u dub

Fat Jimmys Cat


Catpiss x Ghost OG Kush x U Dub

Testing at just over 26%THC this cat will have You scratching the walls inside Your head, have a awesome trip.....



A  New true Indica lovers dream, wonderful lavender undertones highlight  this trichrome delight with a terpene profile that will hurtle your  senses thru its Redwood origins in the hills of Mendocino California,  this is one all Indica lovers will Lust for......


Lemon Breeze


Lemon Breeze

A combination of old and new school genetics, 

Lemon Breeze

Combineing  California Orange x Ortega x  Nepalese Temple Ball Hashplant x Sour Banana (currently known as Chaquita Banana Lemon Breeze is a  for sure crowd pleaser Hybrid plenty of Lemon drop terpenes appear as  she approaches her apex of ripeness this is a great producer with a  medium finish best at 10 weeks in flower tho...

Poly Hybrid F1 s combining Fire with old and new school


Prince of Dankness

 Working  on this one quietly over the last year, Using a high altitude Nepalese  Landrace chara,hashplant Male, crossed to an old school Hawaiian strain  from the 70's era Big Island "red road", area of Kalapana in the puna  district, called the Golden Voice, most likely from Thai origins, this  cross was then crossed to a newer clone of Sunset Sherbert from Wa.  Cannabis cup several years ago, which was used to make seeds from a NW  legendary Father U-Dub, the potential of this plant, has No limits... 



 Took  a old school Kona Gold and crossed her to a Panama Red, then took the  resulting F1 Female and bred her to a  Paix (original strain) Father  from seed to a Catpiss clone mother, the result, a Sativa Dominant  daytime smoke that makes ya wanna go fast, and attack life like an angry  Motorcycle rippin down the asphalt 


Mr. Chewinski

 Old  school red haired lime green stinky Indica crossed with Ortega an old  school Indica from Northern California, a great Indica stone to deal  with chronic pain, Insomnia, and general aches and pains, gets ya lifted  and happy, not the regular couchlock, def an all around smoke. 



 Gelato  a pheno with awesome terps and great bag appeal, crossed with  Banana  Dream, giving it that Banana taste and kick, crossed with Blue dream x  Chem 91 to build the plant up for all those cash croppers looking for  more yield in their efforts, Def a daytime smoke with the best of both  Indica and Sativa tendicies. 

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Welcome Here are some more Strains

Bruce Banner x Green Crack

Bruce Banner x Skunk

Bruce Banner x Sunset Sherbert x Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Bruce Banner x Mud Bight Delight (AKA-Dirty Jim)

Northern Lights #1

Northern Lights x Skunk #1

Cambodian x Blue Hana

Mastedon (Original)

Purple Wookie x Blue Berry

Purple Wookie x Catpiss

Catpiss x Roadkil Skunk

Skunk Train( RKS x Super Skunk 86 x Island sweet skunk x skunk #1)

!981 Skunk from Fort Bragg California

California Orange

Lemon Breeze ( brand New original F4 strain finished 11/11/17)

Derby Daze (original)

BuzzBomb (original)

Blue Widow x Blue Moonshine (Original)

Indacouch (original)

Catpiss x OG Kush (original)

Hells  OG

Jabbas stash x Jazzberry Jam x Space Monkey 

Monkey Fist (Original) Hellboy OG x Space Monkey SM Male

Catpiss x BlueBerry x purple wookie

1974 Matanuska Thunderfuck


Mexacali Blues (Michoacan x Oaxacan) Original



Punta Roja

Columbian Gold

Chaquita Chiapas


Panama Red,(very Limited)

Space Monkey x GG#4 x Platinum Girl scout cookies x Scooby Snacks AKA Silverback cookie snack

Fuckin Incredible x Ghost OG

Gelato #45 x Strawberry Banana x Blue Dream x Chem #91 AKA Chemical dream Dessert

Space Monkey x Granola Funk ( Bohdi Strains) SM male

Space Monkey x More Cowbell (Bohdi Strains) SM male

Chem #91 x Blue Dream (Blue Dream male)

Trap Star x More Cowbell ( More Cowbell Male)

Alaska Ice

Matanuska Thunderfuck (original strain, not created by myself) 

Legends Ultimate Indica

Mud Bight Deilght (original Strain)

Dirty Jim (original strain)

Paix(Peace)(original strain)- hybrid,Sativa Dominant, 65-75 days flowering very spacey Hippy high

Green Meanie (original hybrid strain)

Northern Lights

Derby Daze (original strain)

Ketcha Kush (original strain)

Hana Blue (original strain)

Lahainaluna Puna Butter

Kona Gold

Haleakala Silver sword (original strain)

Santa Marta Gold

Panama Red

Punta Roja

Alculpoco Gold


Mexacali Blues (original strain)


Chaquita Chiapas (original strain)

Venus tears

White Widow

Nevils Haze


Vietnamese Black

Vietnamese Dalat

Highland Thai

Purple Thai

Chocolate Thai


NYC Diesel

Blue Moonshine



Grape Krush

Blueberry x Bruce Banner

Blue Widow

Blue Velvet

Sour Diesel

Dead Ringer

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